Zara Satin Sandals Review: Hit or Miss?

Looking for a new pair of shoes? This Zara satin sandals review has every detail you need to decide on your next purchase…

Anybody who knows me will tell you I am a sucker for shoes – I love quirky styles which not many people would usually wear, and my collection is ever-growing! My most recent pair of shoes is a beautiful pair of pink sandals, with a very unique heel, from Zara, as shown below.

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Collage of Photos of the Zara Satin Sandals

My Thoughts on Zara

Now, for me, I find Zara very hit-and-miss – when they have a sale, the price for quality tends to be fair. However, although the quality remains rather consistent, without the sales, the prices fluctuate between fair and extortionate!

One element they particularly excel at, however, is their jeans department; they provide fantastic quality jeans, which fit people of numerous shapes and sizes (does anybody else usually struggle to find jeans that cater for their large bums and smaller waist??). I have also found that Zara provides cheap and fashionable tops of great quality, which are very versatile and can be worn with pretty much everything! However, let’s delve into their shoe department – somewhere I have not yet explored…

The Zara Satin Sandals: First Impressions

The shoes in question were spotted by my sister when she was in Spain last week (who knew Zara was a Spanish company?). She sent me a Snapchat of these amazing heels, and I instantly fell in love (she knows me too well!). I immediately went online to scout them out but they had none in my size!

Luckily, on an impromptu shopping trip, I found them in-store, and I was beyond thrilled; they looked even better in person! Obviously, I snapped them up.

As you can see, the majority of the shoe consists of a lovely satin, pink material, which encompasses the straps, the buckles, and the base. To add to the design is a gorgeous see-through heel, with bright pink and red feathers inside, creating a floating affect. You can also see the bolts which attach the heel to the shoe, which really adds an industrial feel to the appearance, whilst maintaining the quirky and classy look.

Overall, these would pair up amazingly with perhaps a pair of red culottes and a pink body tucked into it, or a red or pink summer dress, to dress them up. Equally, these can also be dressed down, perhaps with a pair of jeans and a loose-fitting white t-shirt. Either way, these shoes add the perfect touch to any outfit.

Pink Sandals From Zara

Zara Satin Sandals Review: the Scores Are in…

So, what’s the verdict. More importantly, why did I end up returning this product?



I love how these make my feet look! The one issue I have is that, being someone with wider feet, I find that the front strap did squeeze my feet a little, making my toes look a little squashed.



Although I have not had them for long, so I do not know how they will fair after wearing them a lot, the material qualities are lovely!



The heel height was perfect, which was probably the only redeeming quality. Other than that, after only a short time wearing these to the theatre one evening, my feet actually got blisters at the front where the strap dug in (again, it is worth to bare in mind that I have rather wide feet, so if you are lucky enough to have narrower feet, this may not be a problem for you)… fashion is pain, kids!

This was because the material of the strap had absolutely no give (unlike materials such as leather) so, even after time, they would probably not stretch to accommodate my wide feet. I will be returning these shoes, which I am sad about, as they are such a beautiful pair for my collection, but I really cannot get away with spending almost £30 on a pair of shoes I cannot wear!

Price for Product


For what I paid for them (£29.99), I definitely think it was worth the money, if they fit you properly. I think that its original price point (£49.99) was steep, however, quality shoes do tend to cost a little more; I was just lucky I got a bargain!

Overall Rating


TIP: do not buy unless you have slimmer feet!

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