Zara Red Sock Boots Review: do They Make up for the Disaster Sandals?

Looking for your next pair of Autumn boots? This Zara red sock boots review shines a light on some of Zara’s finest…

If you remember my recent blog post (about a month ago) on a pair of Zara shoes I purchased not long ago, you may recall how disappointed I was. The shoes were absolutely gorgeous, especially the heel, but simply did not function as a pair of shoes for someone with wider feet! Baring in mind, I never have to buy wide-fit shoes, as I think my feet are on the brink between regular and wide, these shoes were unwearable; after just a short trip to the theatre, only walking to and from the car park, and standing up during the interval, the front of my feet were completely blistered! It was so painful, I had to take them off once I got in the car on the way home.

Red Sock Boots

Nevertheless, when I was in Zara purchasing these shoes, I remember coming across a couple of really cool sock boots, one tall-ish pair in black, and one shorter pair in red. Having really caught my eye, I checked the price, as you do, and they were a shocking £69.99!!! Definitely extortionate, and I was a little disappointed…

However, having managed to find the gorgeous sandals I had been looking for, I didn’t mind too much, and came out of the shop having only spent £29.99.

NOTE: the links above are dupe/second-hand pairs, as they are no longer being sold on the Zara website —

The next thing I know, I have to traipse back to Zara to return these god-awful shoes, clearly manufactured in the fiery depths of hell, but before I do, I am drawn towards the sales! As I walk around the shop, I set my eyes on those red and black boots I saw before, and thinking about how expensive they were, and how they have not yet disappeared from the shelves I think, “that’s suspicious… maybe they’re now on sale, seeing as no one has picked them up in over a week!”… what do you know – they were reduced to £29.99! Perfect!

In the end, I managed to return the torture shoes, after a little bit of questioning as to whether I’d worn them out (which I told her I had, but they were not ruined at all – they had not a scrape on them), and I simply exchanged them, with minimal effort, for my gorgeous new red boots!

Reflection of a Red Boot in a Mirror

Zara Satin Sandals vs. Zara Red Sock Boots

These shoes would pair up beautifully with a pair of black culottes and a red or black body/top to form a more office-appropriate outfit. Alternatively, you could pair these with a black denim skirt and plain crop-top for a more summery outfit, or a club look (although, I do try not to go out wearing any of my nicer shoes, seeing as they ALWAYS get ruined!). For a more casual look, perhaps for school or lectures, you could pair them with a pair of mom jeans, whether they be blue or black, and a plain white t-shirt. You can tell how versatile these shoes are!

Zara Red Sock Boots Review: Red Hot?

After such an ordeal, I was hoping for the best with these new Zara boots.



These shoes look gorgeous on the feet, and are very slimming for the ankles. The only issue I have is that the height of the brim means it is quite difficult for me to pair them with ankle-swinging outfits (just looks a little funny on me, with my height of 5’4″). Therefore, I think they go best with shorter skirts.



For the price, I would expect the quality to be top-notch, however, I haven’t worn them for long, so I cannot tell for sure. Nonetheless, the actual feel, look, and manufacturing of the shoes looks to be fantastic quality – they are impeccable. Therefore, I think they should hold out well for many, many years of wear (touch wood!).



After 1 day wearing them around the office, there was no pain at all, and I could have continued wearing them for much longer! The only issue is that they are a tiny bit slim for my feet, so I couldn’t wear my normal socks with them (I will have to buy some thinner socks!).

Price for Product


For what I paid for them (£29.99), I definitely think it was worth the money. I think that its original price point (£69.99) was steep, particularly as they were really nothing special – they just looked like any regular shoe. However, for the looks and the comfort factor, I am very pleased with my purchase, particularly after the travesty that was those sandals…

Overall Rating: 8.25/10

5 Comments Add yours

  1. kaseygiard says:

    Nice! I’ve never seen sock boots before. (I live in FL where there’s hardly a winner season.) Those look so cool!


    1. joannamc97 says:

      Haha I love it! My only trip to Florida was last Summer and it was sooo hot! The weather in Britain is a lot less predictable, so I have to be fashionably prepared for all seasons! Thanks for reading!


  2. Wow, these look so funky! Have seen the sock boot on a few famous people, but didn’t think of ever being able to own a pair. These look great! And a 9/10 is a great review! Might consider them… x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. joannamc97 says:

      They’re everywhere these days! Just gotta look in the right places! Defo check them out x


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