H&M Sunglasses Review: can they prove me wrong?

Don’t go spending a bomb on an expensive pair of sunglasses. Next time, check out H&M sunglasses, and get a great pair for a fraction of the price!

Does anyone else always just feel a little bit “meh” when it comes to H&M? I know I do, particularly after the whole sizing drama with their store, i.e. making clothes waaay too small, and giving them larger sized labels. This is a problem which really is getting out of hand, and is something I have talked about elsewhere, in Issue 23 of London Runway Magazine (pg. 32-34). In this article, I explored multiple high-street stores, and found I ranged between a size 8-14 during one shopping trip! Nevertheless, I love to be proven wrong about disliking something, and we’re definitely on that journey already.

H&M Sunglasses Changed my Perspective

As is usual every summer, you just have to buy another pair of sunglasses. I have about 5 pairs now, mainly because I tend to lose them, or forget about them, and then buy a new pair when the sun makes a return, only to find my old pair again. However, over the past couple of years, since I got glasses, I’ve had difficulty with buying decent pairs that work for me.

I’m unfortunate in that I have glasses, yet my prescription is really not bad enough to need prescription sunglasses, especially considering how costly they are. Therefore, when looking for practical sunglasses, I need a pair that will fit on top of my glasses comfortably, so I can read by the pool.

Lo-and-behold, we’ve found it! The ones. These tortoise shell sunglasses have definitely put me on that path to believing in H&M.

These sunglasses fit perfectly on top of my glasses, without having to put them on at a funny angle like my last pair. They also look super cute for my rounded face shape, and they suit literally any outfit. Below is a pic of me wearing them normally, and then over my glasses:

I was only going to purchase one pair of sunnies on my trip to H&M. Nonetheless, when I saw this powder pink pair, I was hooked, and couldn’t say no.

The only drawback to these was that it took me absolutely ages to find a pair that wasn’t very wonky. Does anyone else find that, when shopping for sunglasses in high-street stores, you have to try on multiple pairs to find ones that aren’t wonky? Well, in H&M, I almost gave up and grabbed a wonky pair, as I had tried on so many, possibly around 20/30 pairs (literally no joke), before I found a suitable pair. However, I was over the moon when I finally did, and I love how sassy these glasses make me.


Although they are not practical, as they don’t fit over my glasses, these are my “fashion” glasses. Pink is my absolute favourite colour, so that’s a tick on the list. I also have numerous pink clothing items, so these sunnies add a little matchy-matchy vibe to my wardobe. They are also mirrored, which is something I love at the moment. Finally, they do what sunglasses are made for, and protect my eyes from the sun, so that’s another check.

Side note: does anyone else really wish they suited those really skinny, classy sunnies? Like why don’t I? I wanna be classy too…

H&M Sunglasses Review: Seeing a New Outlook

I’ve expressed my feelings towards H&M, but perhaps their sunglasses are a cut above the rest? My scores will help use to decide that…



Both of these sunnies really suit my face shape, and make me feel sassy AF. That’s all that really matters, right? I also love both of the colours, as I think they’re versatile, and will suit many of my outfits.



Obviously, being a high-street pair, they are not the best, but they certainly do the job. Personally, even if I had the money, I would not choose to spend any more than £20 on a non-prescription pair of sunglasses, so these are just perfect for the sorts of things I go for.



The tortoise shell ones provide optimum comfort for when I wear them over my glasses, as they are light and thin, which means they don’t dig in behind my ears. The pink ones, however, have rather thick handles, so they are less comfortable, but they are perfect for what I need them for.

Price for Product


I bought the tortoise shell ones for the full £6.99, and the pink ones for the sale price of £7, and they were originally £8.99 (but I’ve now just seen them for £4 on the website so go, go, go!). Therefore, these just cost the average price for any high-street sunglasses, and I definitely think it’s a fair price. Overall, I think they were worth the money and, as long as I don’t sit on them or lose them, they should last me for a long while!

Overall Rating: 8.25/10

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