Outfit Ideas: 6 Looks, 1 Pair of Jeans

Jeans are a staple in anyone’s wardrobe, but it can be difficult to style them for multiple occasions. One pair of jeans is all it takes, so take a look at my six OOTDs for some outfit ideas for all occasions!

I don’t know anybody that doesn’t own a pair of jeans. They’re a fantastic addition to anyone’s wardrobe, as they don’t dirty easily, and can be worn multiple times without wearing out.

What’s more, they’re also super versatile. Just a few pairs, in a couple of styles and colours, is all it takes to inspire hundreds of looks, and save you money! Many people will be tempted to stick to the very casual jeans, trainers, and a t-shirt, but that’s just one of the hundreds of combinations you could choose for your humble pair of jeans.

My fashion choices are all about standing out from the crowd. Today, I’ll be showing you some of my go-to outfit ideas with jeans, using my dark blue Topshop Mom Jeans to do just that! Say goodbye to boring looks, and say hello to an array of choices, giving your jeans a new lease of life.

Jeans and a Jumper

Outfit Ideas for Summer and Spring

Look 1

Top: Miss SelfridgeBoots: Office

Our first look is a play on the classic jeans and a t-shirt, which people often gravitate towards. It’s a standard look, but there are ways you can switch it up.

Here, I’ve paired the jeans with a shimmery, brown crop top, and leather, burgundy, croc-style boots. By steering away from a plain t-shirt, and mixing it up with something a bit more girly, glitz, and glam, you can go from average to stylish pretty easily!

This outfit idea dresses up these jeans a little more than usual. That said, it’s not too dressed up, so would be ideal for a casual night out, or a dinner with your friends or your other half.

P.S. don’t mind my boyfriend’s feet in the corner there!

Look 2

Top: Newlook, Trainers: Adidas, Jacket: BHS

Outfit number two would be perfect for a cooler summer’s day, perhaps at the beginning or end of the summer months when the heat is a little less harsh. This outfit is very simple and casual, paired with my Falcon trainers, and a white crop top. I’ve had this top for years, so it’s probably not available anymore, but it’s a super simple look, that can be duplicated with ease.

The jeans and top can be worn on their own, but I’ve added this pink bomber jacket, which I purchased from a charity shop for less than a fiver! Although it was hidden in the depths of a Marlow charity shop, duplicates could be found in many high-street stores. It really compliments the pink in my trainers, and ties the whole thing together.

Look 3

Top: Glamorous at ASOS, Heels: Public DesireBelt: Pretty Little Thing

My final outfit idea for the summer and spring months is this dressed-up outfit, which would be perfect for a night out, or a summer garden party. By rolling up your mom jeans, and pairing them with any pair of heels you’ve got lying around, you can dress up any jeans you own.

I think what really makes this look is the faux-Gucci belt, which adds a bit of glam, and ties the look together to become something really fashionable. What’s more, the bright orange top, with the bow detail at the back, adds that pop of colour and style to really make you stand out from the crowd.

Outfit Ideas for Winter and Autumn

Look 4

Jumper: Pretty Little ThingTrainers: Adidas

As summer draws to a close, and we say hello to the bitter winds of winter, it’s time to don the thick, woolen jumpers. This is one of the most simple outfits you can put together with a pair of jeans; just a jumper and trainers.

Any jumper you have in your wardrobe will do the trick, but I love this colour-blocked jumper, which I’ve french-tucked into my jeans, here. Alongside my Adidas trainers again, which also feature some similar pastel colours, it’s the perfect look for a winters day. With the pink of the jumper matching the pink in the trainers, the whole look is tied together perfectly.

This look would be perfect for a casual day shopping with your friends, or a day out at the zoo with your other half. It’s super casual, but the quirky colours make it anything but average!

Look 5

Top: Newlook, Boots: Public Desire

Our next look is very simple, but can be achieved using any plain black top you own! The key to this is in the details. With the tied-up front on the top, and the pop of pink in the boots, this easy-to-replicate outfit is anything but average.

Look 6

Body: Pretty Little ThingBoots: Public DesireJacket: NewlookSunglasses: Pull&Bear

My final look, which I think is ideal for a sunny Autumn day, brings the decades-gone-by to life! Here, I’ve paired my jeans with a retro pair of sunglasses, a 1960s-style boot, with a denim jacket for that touch of 90s double denim.

One of my favourite ways to experiment with my style is by incorporating fashion from the 1960s to the 1990s. This way, you can really work with what you’ve got to make your style different and unique, and that’s exactly what I’ve done here.

Jeans Don’t Have to be Boring…

As you can see, jeans don’t have to always be boring and casual. By mixing it up with different styles of shoes, jackets, and tops, you can piece together an array of outfit ideas for all occasions.

Whether it be outfit ideas for school, college, or uni, or ideas for nights out, pub days, dinner with friends, or a garden party, the options are truly endless. Dressing yourself doesn’t have to be boring – have the courage to express yourself through your clothes, and you’ll see your wardrobe come to life!

What do you think of my outfit ideas using this simple pair of dark-blue mom jeans? I’d love to know which look is your favourite, and whether you’ve gained some inspiration from my six outfit ideas. Let me know in the comments, and show me your recreations, or inspired looks!

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