Why I Love Going Braless and How I Style It

For many women, going braless can be a source of comfort and ease, whilst others are the polar opposite. For my thoughts and tips on the world of braless style, don’t go anywhere…

Back when I was at school, there was a lot of stigma surrounding going braless. Not wearing a bra, and having your nipples showing a bit was seen as dirty, weird, and slutty, in some cases.

Thinking back now, I just wonder WHY!?

Then, when I reached university, the #freethenip campaign was all over social media, and it inspired me to give it a go. From then on, there was no stopping me, and almost every time I went out with my friends, there’d be no bra in sight! For my reasons for going braless, and my tips and tricks on trying out the braless look, stay right where you are…

Bra Flatlay

Why I Like to Go Braless Sometimes

For me, going braless is something I like to do every so often. There are some days when a bra just feels too constricting, and I feel as though I’d be a lot more comfortable without one. But, why else do I like to go without a bra?

1. I have a Small Chest

As someone with a small chest – I’m a 36B – I’ve never been someone who needs bras. In fact, now I look back, they were always more of a way to fit in.

Wearing a bra at school was, firstly, a means to make my boobs seem bigger than they were. I’m sure you remember the feeling; when you first start to grow a chest, it can be really hard to see girls growing faster and larger than you. As a growing woman, it can be a difficult process to go through, and is a great source of bullying.

What’s more, wearing a bra later on was a way of reducing the chance that someone would point out your protruding nipples. Either way, it was more of a source of mental comfort rather than physical comfort.

Now, as a 22-year-old woman, not wearing a bra is a source of empowerment, and a way to feel sexy and free. Having a small chest means I never really needed a bra, so why should I wear one?

2. Bras Aren’t Actually Good For You

Contrary to popular belief that bras support your chest, and stop your boobs from going saggy over time, we have been lied too. Yes – bras can actually make your breasts sag!

In fact, by not wearing a bra, your body is forced to develop the muscles underneath your boobies, so they remain lifted for longer in life. Crazy, right?

3. Comfort

I don’t know about anyone else, but sometimes, I’ll put a bra on in the morning, and regret it for the rest of the day. Sometimes, I’ll even put one on, put my clothes on top, and then remove the bra from underneath my clothing because it just feels so uncomfortable.

That’s not to say it’s the same for everyone; for many, wearing a bra can increase comfort. However, for someone who doesn’t really need a bra, it can be a little irrelevant, and just not worth it.

4. Weather and Temperature

Similar to point number three, wearing a bra in hot weather can be a real slog. So, to just be comfortable during summer, it’s a lot better to just avoid the trouble altogether. Especially if you’re going for a long walk or are on holiday, it’s a very unnecessary addition to your outfit, and can feel more like a social construct than anything else.

For me, it definitely depends on what I’m doing as, sometimes, bras can help to soak up under-boob sweat during hot weather, reducing the chance of sweat patches (if you know, you know). But, in many cases, it’s a lot comfier without. Trust me, the minute you start going braless in hot weather is the day your life is changed forever.

5. Makes Outfits Look Better

In my opinion, there are certain clothes that just look better without a bra. For example, strapless outfits, tops or dresses with thin straps, halter-neck tops, and backless tops all look a lot nicer without a bra. So, why bother, right?

Woman Turning Around so You Can see the Back of Her Crop Top

Some Braless FAQs Answered

Is Going Braless in the Workplace Bad?

When it comes to the braless movement, there are questions regarding the professionalism of going braless. Some workplaces require smart business wear, and if you feel like your boobies might get in the way of looking smart, then a bra might be necessary.

That said, it really is your body and your rules. Yes, the workplace is a place to dress smartly, but if men don’t have to wear a bra, why should women? Sometimes, when the office gets a little cold, I know I’ve seen men’s nipples peeping through their shirts, and we have to question why it’s different for women.

These days, with the #metoo movement in full swing, it’s unlikely that anyone in the workplace would even comment on your protruding nipples. It’s not your problem either way, and the commenter is the one who would get in trouble for pointing it out.

It’s all about what makes you feel more comfortable. If you think you can do your job well, with a bra or without, who’s to tell you no? At the end of the day, nipples are just nipples, and it’s only the onlookers’ perception that changes this.

Can Going Braless Cause Breast Pain?

For someone with a small chest, it is unlikely that going braless will cause any pain. That said, for women with larger chests, a bra can do a world of good in terms of support. It can stop you from experiencing neck and back pain, and can prevent irreversible damage.

If you find that going braless is less comfortable for you then don’t do it. The whole idea behind going braless is that we should be empowered to wear what we feel most comfortable in. If a bra does that for you, that is the most important thing.

Sparkly Brown Top

Tell me How to go Braless and Not Draw Attention

I will go into detail a bit more in my top tips for going braless later, as there are a number of ways you can do this. Firstly, though, I’d like to remind you that it’s not you who needs to draw less attention to yourself, it is the onlooker who should control their opinion.

That being said, if you feel more comfortable without a bra, and are a little nervous about it, some of my options for going braless include:

  • Bringing a shawl, scarf or jacket to cover up if you get a little nervous.
  • Wearing colours and patterns that distract from the situation.
  • Make sure the materials you’re wearing aren’t too see-through.

Just remember, confidence is key. If you feel confident without a bra, then drawing attention won’t be something that crosses your mind.

My Top Tips For Going Braless

Braless living certainly isn’t for everyone; some people require the support of a bra, and it can make many women feel more comfortable. Remember, though, that it is always about your own comfort, and never about the comfort of those around you.

For those of you out there who have been umming and aahing about going braless every so often, here are my top tips for how to look good without a bra

  1. Black is your best friend, as it’s a great way to conceal any lumps and bumps, so they blend into the image.
  2. Thicker materials can also help to not only support your boobs, but keep your nipples from showing too much, if this is something you’re worried about.
  3. Wear patterns or bright colours, as this can distract from the fact that you’re not wearing a bra. I can confirm, I have done this in the workplace myself, and received no comments or looks.
  4. Wear something which flatters your shape. For example, I have a great top which you can tie up at the front, allowing you to create a cleavage, and it makes me feel super confident.

Granted, a lot of these tips surround themselves around disguising the fact that you’re not wearing a bra. So, my ultimate tip for wearing clothes braless is to just be confident. If you walk with pride, and don’t worry about covering anything up, this will shine through, and nobody will bat an eyelid.

Woman Swinging Her Pink Jacket Over Her Shoulder

Is Going Braless For You?

So, those are my reasons for going braless every so often, and my top tips on how to style it properly. Naturally, there are outfits and situations where a bra is a bit more appropriate, and there are certainly times where I shy away from it. After all, not everyone can have the confidence every day.

That said, there are just some days where are bra feels too much, and you just need to let the girls loose! Who’s with me?

What are your thoughts and feelings about going with or without a bra? Has the #freethenip movement changed your perception on wearing no bra since you were at school? Let me know in the comments below how you feel about it all; I’d love to hear your opinions!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Great post!
    I rarely do this, only when the occasion and the outfit allows it, but it’s so much more comfortable.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Joanna Journals says:

      Thanks so much for reading! It’s definitely something I’m growing to do more and more as I get older. I think it’s important to just do it with confidence whenever you fancy it, and just try not to worry what people think!

      Liked by 1 person

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