(PLTR) – Analyzing Palantir Technologies’s Short Interest

Palantir Technologies, represented by the ticker symbol PLTR, has experienced a notable 17.49% decrease in its short percent of float since the last reported period. The latest data indicates that 121.15 million shares of Palantir have been sold short, accounting for 6.37% of the total regular shares available for trading. Considering the trading volume, the average time required for traders to cover their short positions is estimated at 1.85 days.

Understanding Short Interest

Short interest refers to the number of shares sold short that have not been covered or closed out. In simpler terms, it reflects the market’s anticipation of a decline in a company’s stock price. Short selling involves traders selling shares they do not own, hoping that the stock’s value will decrease. Profits are made if the stock price falls, while losses occur if it rises.

The Significance of Short Interest

Monitoring short interest is crucial as it serves as an indicator of market sentiment toward a specific stock. An increase in short interest may suggest growing bearish sentiments among investors, whereas a decrease may indicate a more bullish outlook.

Analyzing Palantir’s Short Interest

Observing the graph representing Palantir Technologies’ short interest over the past three months, there is a clear decline in the percentage of shares being sold short. While this doesn’t guarantee an immediate rise in stock value, traders should be mindful that fewer shares are currently being shorted.

Comparative Analysis with Peers

Analysts often employ peer comparison to assess a company’s performance. Peers share similar characteristics such as industry, size, age, and financial structure. According to Benzinga Pro, Palantir Technologies stands out with a short interest as a percentage of float at 6.37%, surpassing the peer group average of 3.13%. This suggests that Palantir has a higher level of short interest compared to most of its peers.

Insights into Short Interest Dynamics: Interestingly, it’s worth noting that increasing short interest can be interpreted as a potentially bullish signal for a stock. Benzinga Money elaborates on this concept, explaining how investors can capitalize on such situations.


The data on Palantir Technologies’ short interest offers valuable insights into the market sentiment surrounding the company. As short interest decreases, it indicates a shift in sentiment, though caution is advised as market dynamics are complex. This information, generated by Benzinga’s automated content engine and reviewed by an editor, serves as a snapshot of Palantir’s current standing in the market.

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